The Myeloma Drug Tracker shows where drugs are in the clinical trial pathway as potential treatments for myeloma. Available drugs are ones which have already been licensed for use in myeloma.

Using the filters below, you can explore the drug types and trial stages. Clicking on a drug will provide additional information and you can download an Infosheet if there is one available.

Further information can be found on our website under Clinical Trials and Novel Drugs.

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  • 25 Immunotherapy

  • 3 Epigenetic Drug

  • 3 Proteasome Inhibitor

  • 6 Cell Signalling/Cycle

  • 6 Chemotherapy

  • 10 Other

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  • 15 Drugs in Phase I

  • 9 Drugs in Phase II

  • 14 Drugs in Phase III

  • 17 Available Drugs

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